Ray & Sue Yackell have been born again Christians for over 30 years and have ministered to God's people for many years. They have ministered to children, youth, young adults, and adults. The Lord has used them in teaching, preaching, healing, deliverance, prophecy, and to re-kindle the revival fires in God's people.


Ray & Sue led a youth group in their home for 9 years for the neighborhood children. In 2002, they started having retreats for college age young adults in their home twice a year. The retreats continued and then became Holy Ghost home meetings.

At the end of 2005 the Lord told them to start Flowing Rivers Ministries, which was birthed under Chris Harvey's ministry. In June of 2006 they were ordained by Pastor Grant Gomez of River of Life Revival Ministries.


Ray & Sue walk in an anointing to be Freedom Fighters for the Lord, setting captives free and stirring up the revival fires in the body of Christ. Their anointing extends into healing and the prophetic, which breaks the yokes of bondage on God's people (Ezekiel 47:7-9 and Luke 4:18). God has given them an anointing to stir up the Godly identity in people and to encourage them to walk into the destiny to which they have been called, to take their rightful place as sons and daughters of the Most High God.


Most recently, Ray & Sue are trained to minister a program called Restoring the Foundations, which is a comprehensive ministry to bring deliverance and freedom to God's people. They have both gone through Restoring the Foundations ministry and it was a life changing experience.  Ray & Sue also minister a two day Marriage Conference dealing with the following four major topics, Romance, Relationships, Finances in Marriage, and Raising Kids.


Flowing Rivers Ministries started as Holy Ghost home meetings; however, eventually this ministry became a home church, meeting every Saturday evening. In 2011, the Lord told Ray & Sue that it was time for the church to take a step of faith and move from their home to a permanent facility. In 2017, the Lord spoke to Ray and Sue to close the church and begin an itinerant ministry.  In 2018, they ministered in several churches and home meetings in MI, OH, and KY.


While in the home and the church store front, the Lord brought several U.S. and international ministries to minister at Flowing Rivers.  This has brought a cocktail of anointings and impartations to the people of God.

Flowing Rivers is a place where the peace and Presence of God resides and is allowed to move freely. A safe place to worship our God, a place that welcomes the Holy Spirit and the Presence of God. A place where the revival fires are stirred up and a place where young believers can be trained up in the things of God.